Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Where do decisions come from?

Those who believe in their own rationality believe decisions float from the head, the mind.
Those who believe in their instincts, believe decisions come from the heart, from deep within.
Those like me, who are perpetually against blacks and whites, look to a gray area - a place that's between the mind and the heart.

But at the end of the day, it is about a strong feeling. Pros and cons and checklists and spreadsheets and equations and math can only bring you up to a certain point.
The rest is up to the feeling. You wait for that feeling of knowing.
It's also up to the people. The vibe you get off of them, the feeling of trust, of security and geniality.

Life is about living through moments that make your heart sing. And when the heart is happy, the mind is at peace.
I have never felt the mind to be at peace, even in the knowledge of what is right, when the heart is heavy.

Sometimes decisions are made to appease both the heart and the mind.
You are lost in a dialogue between the two. You carry on inner monologues and debates that come back to the same thing.

Trust the feeling.

Intuitions don't have to necessarily come from the heart. They also come from the brain, the root of our awareness and consciousness. Trust them to emanate from incubating thoughts and wisdom that stews unbeknowst to you.

Such sixth sense is the best form of feeling to bank on.

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