Friday, August 10, 2012


We are each victims of Life. In our own little bubble, we are victimized by the world, by circumstances, by mean people. We cry out for justice, justify our anger and actions, and victimize someone else in the process. In this vicious cycle, it is easier to feel victimized at every turn, than to see ourselves as perpetrators. The cause is always something sinister that hounds us, that makes us fall prey every time.

So, if the whole world is a stage of victims, who are the perpetrators?

Sometimes it helps to stop perceiving oneself as just a hapless victim. It might help to understand that most often, both the perpetrator and the perpetratee are both victims. Victims of different demons, but victims nonetheless.

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Rafiki said...

Each person is a child of his circumstances. Very few can break those chords and then are worshiped as heroes or deemed as villains.