Monday, June 20, 2011

About Me

As most people probably are, I am bad at defining myself in the "About me" sections. I can rattle on endlessly and think-aloud on various aspects of myself and bore people to death, but I appear as if I accidentally swallowed my tongue if I am asked to deliver an elevator pitch about myself. This post motivated me, challenged me to come up with a sentence that truly describes who I am at most points in time.

I am innately a person of extremes, who mostly strives to reach a state of equilibrium in all things concerning the mind and the body. 

Who cares about this definition of you, you wonder. Nobody really. It's just a reference for myself. Maybe this definition will evolve every time I delve into an uncomfortable, probing introspection of what the hell I am. And probably, over the years, I will have arrived at a suitable understanding and will heave a sigh of peace.

P.S: Just realized, I had to come up with a phrase, not a sentence... oh my, I give up for now!


SecondSight said...

Haha, I like that :). Maybe equilibrium is best achieved by swinging between extremes ;)

Sentence/ phrase.. what does it matter?

Neeraja said...

Thanks for that leniency ;)