Saturday, April 02, 2011

Recording Moments in History

Being vaguely aware that I have something called a blog, where I write about this and that every now and then whenever I fire up my laptop and shush him away, for the very first time in history, my husband burst into an excited exclaim as I started furiously spitting out my previous post, wearing a heavily contorted expression on my face.

“Are you writing about India winning the World Cup in your blog?!”

Not sure if it was my serious expression that clued him in.

Since I have certain mild feelings of guilt at shouting, “No!! Get Out”, and since I can’t erase his deflated, crest-fallen expression and constant whining about my lack of sufficient enthusiasm and excitement about India’s win, I am dedicating two sentences for him.

Yaaay, we won!! What a miracle that we could see and share this historic moment of triumph and pride!


Srishti said...

Lol!! Of all the people , you are the last person I would have expected to write on Cricket WC i guess... Anyways glad , that this post is dedicated to victory of Team India! :) :)
Btw , a sports arena is one of the best places to see the drama of human emotions. You might take an interest in that perspective ;);)

Neeraja said...

Haha, I did watch the match and cheered well and hosted a big gang of fervent fans, so I am not that anti-sports ;). But the drama of human emotions is always an added incentive ;)

Aparna said...

Haha. Loved this one for your description about your dear husband's probable reactions to your, er .. probable, outbursts! :)

Neeraja said...

Appu, yeah, I can be mean sometimes ;). But you know how meaner the husband can be ;)