Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Bygone Season of Colors

This post was deferred for long - primarily due to my laziness. But now that summer has graced us and tiptoed without a trace, it’s about time I recorded these moments of glory and joy for the sake of posterity, and well, just to vent out my happiness. It might surely seem like I’m tooting my own little horn without any shred of modesty or humility by writing such posts, but how else am I to share my happiness in this little space into which I pour out so many of my deepest thoughts and emotions?

This summer has been one of the most eventful periods of my life - marked especially by the bounty we reaped from our garden. It’s become an obsession of mine to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables. Regardless of whether I am successful or unsuccessful in some of these attempts, the whole process brings me indescribable contentment, and weirdly enough, some meaning to my summers.

Despite my raucous protests to plant more flowers this year, I was shushed and was asked to concentrate on growing some vegetables this year. I mulled this over and reluctantly agreed that it’s better to not bite off more than I could chew. Despite all the sense in that statement,  I couldn’t get by without planting any new flowers! Especially after dreaming of them! 

I literally dreamed of huge, merry sunflowers sprouting jubilantly from the front of the house, creeping and towering their way to the clouds,  and shining down at me so warmly, that I could feel myself melting under their benevolent gaze! I definitely  needed flowers that could cast such warmth and happiness! Although they took their time to open out, and the flowers themselves lasted for just a little more than a week, we immensely enjoyed the two varieties of sunflowers! 

To contrast nicely with the bright yellows, I picked out purple morning glories, and baby-blue eyes. And I promptly fell in love with the baby-blue flowers!!
It was a little bit of a disappointment to me that  the morning glories quite faithfully bloomed bright  and early in the morning and wilted by noon (point in case - it shows how little attention I paid to the nature of the flowers, and how I was swept away by the beautiful pictures of them!). However, they re-blossomed every morning for about a month, so I shouldn’t be complaining much! I adored their deep rich purples with just the right strokes of yellow in their core! Nature is the best artist ever! While the baby-blues were extremely pleasing with their charming delicate blues, they were a tad too small to contrast the magnificent sun flowers. Still, I loved how they drooped in their delicate bunches, and continue to sustain even in September!

However, I failed at growing poppies and cone-flowers... not sure why, but they are definitely roll-over challenges for next year! Finally, marigolds  will surely be my indispensable flower every year!

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