Sunday, June 27, 2010

In Gratitude

Insomnia. For no explicable reason. Random musings, flitting in and out through buried memories, revisiting old emotions, listening to the echoes of powerful words engraved into my fibres. And there is only one way I know of venting, of spilling out the torrents of thoughts and mangled feelings. So I write.

I write to thank...
For those honest emotions shed.
For showering confidence, and then sadly pulling chunks of it away.
For being blind to superficiality.
For acknowledging the person within.
For even daring to admire.
For being foolhardy to nurture a dream.
For staying true and sincere through vacuums of time and space.
For relaying comfort and laughter through waves from the skies. Especially the laughter.
For the restlessness to fix things.
For the impulse to reach out and help.
For staying steadfast on the road less traveled.
For neglecting the hurt.
For lingering to care.
For entrenching my growth.
For enriching my story.

And for many more rich experiences, none of which can be given shape through words.


Anonymous said...

If you want, you can still tune into the waves in the skies for comfort and laughter.

SecondSight said...

"For enriching my story" - lovely words.. at the end, that is all that matters (at least to me ;)).

Leena said...

"laughter through waves in the sky" - what a lovely expression. I loved hearing why you write, for the stories and laughter and sunlight and emotion. Thanks for sharing. :)