Friday, September 04, 2009

The Farewell-Blooms

It's that time of the year again - time to say goodbye to all the colors and cheer as I frown at the greens turning yellow, orange and a dusty brown. The flora having had their party want to retire and I hate the foreboding gloom threatening to set in. Soon I'll wake up to shedding trees and listen to my heart sink. I'll walk on the colored crumple and wish I could stick each one back on the branches and cast a spell to make them turn the merriest of green. But, nature waits for none. She has her cycle and I'm a tiny speck of indignation, to be ignored as a buzzing fly. And so, all I have are the last traces of color and vitality to feast my eyes and spirits on before the morbid Ice Queen shows up. And what better boost can I get than seeing my planted seeds and bulbs spring up to dance their finale and bid goodbye?

Marigolds - the most simplest, and probably most abundantly common flower known to us. Yet the dainty clumps of yellows and oranges are one of the most happiest little flowers. So easy to grow, I have learned my lesson to plant LOTS of them ( a thicket full), earlier in spring to enjoy the blooms for a good 4 months.

And this is the first time I've ever happened to see a green flower... sure I have seen tender jasmines with green streaks on their pristine white, but never have I seen or heard of a flower that is completely green so as to match it's stalk. Well, imagine my surprise and "pride" when a couple of gladioli bulbs that I planted are now churning out green flowers! Despite playing such a minimal role in both the nature and nurture aspect of this creation, I know I'm coming across as - er, a braggart. But oh well. Also, there are plenty of red ones next to them, making quite a contrast. I couldn't be happier!

These are my farewell-blooms, the last of the lot to show up and spread some merry light, before they wilt and hibernate. But with a few successful batches of plants this year,(yielding a total of 42 flowers - meticulously counted by yours truly- the nerdiest of nerds), I have a whole list of projects for next spring and summer and I eagerly wait for the months to speed by. Sure, Fall is beautiful too with pretty leaves, and snow is - well, nice and pretty to look at, snowmen are fun and there will be holidays. So there are things to look forward to...

It's silly how these plants gave a lot of "meaning" to my summer. I always had something to look forward to, and like a doting parent I've been proudly showing them off to anyone who passes by them, and terribly miss them when they have wilted. Hmm... that makes me sound like I was a totally jobless person this summer! Well, enough of rambling... enjoy your farewell-blooms and verdant lawns as much as you can, for Fall is creeping in fast! Happy Fall :)


SecondSight said...

Much as I like flowers, I love the fall... crisp air, all those brilliant colors and the deep blue sky- there's a shade of blue that you never see except in the fall :)
Maybe you will enjoy it as much as the spring this year, with lots of hikes and outdoor things ;)

And its certainly NOT silly to get attached to the things you grow! No gardener would agree with you on that !:)

Neeraja said...

I've never noticed the shade of blue sky in Fall... will do so this time, during all the hikes ;)

Ah yes, as an avid gardener I knew you'd understand!