Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Joy of Creation

For the very first time in my life I decided to not merely be a spectator with wistful eyes. I decided I would do it, that I will create my own little beings, without ever longingly looking at others'. I had yearned for them enough, I had been captivated by them enough, I had started to learn fairly sufficiently about raising and caring for them enough, that this year when there was a home waiting to be filled with these beautiful beings and their colorful vivacity, I waited no further. Deciding on how many, how and when to care for them were the obvious concerns. With some counseling from the Internet, and an experienced biologist, I embarked on the adventure. And I'd assumed that the whole process would be a breeze, for isn't this nature's most experienced domain? And with a loving and nurturing environment to grow into, with all the love and food being gushed into them, with a sunny cheerfulness of me cajoling and talking to them, I would have thought I was lending Nature a friendly boost, a great helping hand to speed up the process.

But sadly no... one cannot plan such things, one cannot demand creation, they happen when they want to, despite numerous expensive food and minerals, making the womb as cosy, warm and moist as possible. No, not enough. Despite all the pain staking measures, some fizzled away, never to spark up, being prey to microbial, and not so microbial predators and diseases. Made me want to kick myself for having not seen the signs, for having not consulted or read more. Only my tears of anticipation were wasted on them... i thought of myself as the noble nightingale who sang away her life on a pierced thorn to give blushing life to a pale rose. But no, none of such antics worked... sentiments were wasted, "just be scientific", the little embryos seemed to yell. And so I tried. With regular checkups, tireless care, constant prayers, the rigor continued for some weeks.

Then at last, I could see the little ones growing, their delicate limbs sprouting out and innocently looking into the world. Oh how I merrily went in circles, so proud, so happy. "There's still a long way to go, no time for celebrations yet", some mean ones reminded. So I restrained, yet gleefully optimistic for them to soon open their eyes, and show their cheerful and pink faces. Weeks sped by and I began to wear out my enthusiasm, the little ones were constantly growing, limbs and bodies fully developed and I didn't know how much longer I had to wait....And then it happened. A week before today was the day... the day of new beginnings. The pink face opened up to me and I couldn't believe I had finally been a part of creation, right from it's little seed to the blushing beauty she is today! And one by one, they have started to come out... 11 till today to be exact. Too many you think?!... Nah... I still expect more than a dozen more... of course with fingers crossed!

And today I present these lovely babies, my joyful "creations", after two whole months of waiting ;)

Of course introductions are in order. The pink one is a Rain Lily, the abundant violet ones (the most successful and promising ones!) are Anemones and in the upper corner is a Calla Lily just about to blossom all the way out. I never thought I could post pictures of my own flowers, like those enviable garden bloggers, but I have come close! As more babies (hopefully) bloom out, there will be more cheer and celebration in this space!

And also, a valuable lesson learnt in the journey - extremely cute, seemingly innocuous bunnies will clear up struggling tomatoes and cauliflower leaves faster than a swarm of locust. Beware of their cuteness.


SecondSight said...

Wow !! VERY impressive ! The anemones are gorgeous.. :) (Not that the rest aren't, but they're more so..:) )

Neeraja said...

Thank you! Of course I wouldn't have come this close without your valuable counseling on slugs and watering and more :).

Perception said...

Awesome! I am with you and totally get it when you write about care and minerals. I am sure with all your love and care they will blossom.

Neeraja said...

Thank you Perception - nice to see you back! :)

Anonymous said...

they look beautiful.... and ofcourse when they are your own they are so precious..

btw you are tagged. check out..