Thursday, March 05, 2009

An Incomplete Wish

Oh girl, a fairy tale was all that you wanted.
Trapped in a tower,
A possessive sorceress in power,
Vicious dragons all over,
Flaming ivies sending knights to cower
A fairy tale was all that you wanted.

Aye you wretched soul, how long does this battle wage?
As the sorceress fuels with unabated rage,
How large was an error in your gauge?
Many more eons await you in her cage,
Pucker up, this tale will run many a page,
After all, a fairy tale was all that you wanted.

Oh you girl shuddering beneath your window
Look down to see your knights defeated in woe
Brave they are, to face the dragon's fiery blow,
Alas, your tears are wasted on their fatal blow,
The agony of your pain doesn't vanish their vow,
But then, a fairy tale was all that you wanted.

Girl, don't you romanticize the action?
Isn't the drama to your satisfaction?
What are those angry sparks I see of friction?
Is that you breaking your shackles to end your predilection?
Pray, where will you land spurring the sorceress's affliction?
After all, a fairy tale was all that you wanted!

Bound you are to an eternal curse,
A curse that befalls no matter what your ruse,
Flee from your shackles, but the curse shall abuse,
Yet another runway of thorns, fear not the bruise,
Alas, trapped you are in a fairy tale you wished,
You foolish girl, you forgot to wish it to end.


SUMI said...

nice one! :-)

SecondSight said...

Very nice!:) But if a fairy tale was all she wanted, she should be quite happy in her cursed state, right? :)
However oxymoronic (or just plain moronic) that sounds..

Neeraja said...

Thanks both of you.

SecondSight - That is indeed the sad irony... :)

Anonymous said...

many of us do wish for fairytales... but never see the forthcoming..

Perception said...

Beautiful! Perception of a fairy tale is often times quite different from the fairy tale itself, isnt it?

Neeraja said...

Oorjas - Very true. We need to be careful on what we wish for :)

Perception - Indeed... it's the happily ever-after ending that is the popular perception :)