Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Pat on the Back

It's interesting how we humans cannot isolate our emotions and need for social interactions, however restrained an environment gets and find ways to break down barriers :). Many believe that blogs were originally started as a medium to exchange thoughts, ideas and focus on neural communications. But as we meet new people virtually, it's quite hard to restrict interactions to be solely through the abstract space of ideas and thoughts; every new person is a potential budding friend and there is an ever so slight curiosity and temptation to know more about the person behind the gray brain, to put a face and personality to the blogger, and to find ways of expressing emotions through virtual ways. There are tags/memes that are entertaining, a little introspective and above all a conduit to know more about the person/blogger, and there are virtual symbols of appreciation to substitute the inadequacy of meeting/talking and other direct forms of expression. An anthropologist could learn so much more about human interactions and ways of communication in virtual environments! :)

I got a pleasant surprise from Oorja this week. She is very generous and kind to have lauded my blog with so many virtual awards. Thank you very much :). A short while ago my blog was dusty and rusty, so it's nice to be pepped, although I know I don't deserve all of them :). I have been ignorant of many novel concepts circling within the blogging community; I've come to know about tagging and awarding this month, and hopefully will learn more soon.

Thanks again Oorja, it is nice to have come across you and your blog and to share insightful views with you! There are more blogs/bloggers that regale me and I'm glad to have come to know them. To carry forward the spirit of expressing appreciation, as a symbol of my appreciation and adoration towards their posts/thoughts, these award-symbolisms are passed onto these three lovely ladies:
SUMI - Truly inspiring and multifaceted; art, music, philosophy, science and so much more. A treat to both my left and right brain :)
Second Sight - Adore your unique, insightful and poetic style of writing. I fortunately have more chances of "real" interaction with you :)
Perception - You have the gift of looking at every simple aspect of our so called mundane life through colored glasses! Your posts are so refreshing since they capture all the simple pleasures of life :)

I'm getting to know of new interesting blogs, so my list will sure keep building over time :)


SUMI said...

thank u !
My blog is not hyperlinked correctly - it redirects elsewhere. I'm surprised I happened to click on it in the first place, but I did! :-)

Neeraja said...

Oops... fixed it now :)

SecondSight said...

Thank you !! I've been absent for a while and so much writing you've been doing... will catch up soon I hope :)

Perception said...

thank u thank u! I saw all the awards floating around the blogging community and often thought hmmm what fun can that be? Sort of the grapes are just too sour hehe! Now I know how it feels. Thanks for appreciating my colored glasses (wink)

Neeraja said...

My pleasure :)

Anonymous said...

u do deserve them. and mayb u didn't recieve it earlier as u were not in the circle much.