Friday, January 22, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

When I was new to the blog-world, I was mildly amused and curious as to why every other blog had a strict statement against copyright infringements, why one of my fantastic writer friends frustratedly closed down her blog, and why certain other friends of mine chose to make their blogs private by sending out select invitations to readers. Soon enough I discovered that it was due to inscrutably insensitive and dumb plagiarists. Of course, parasitic tendencies to feed off and profit from others' ideas exist in every single domain of life. But blatant, amateurish copying of material - word for word from a popular blog, only to advertise the "output" in youtube and conspicuously attract the attention of more than half of her readers, is just plain dumb. Now why does it bother me so much? Because dumbness and insensitivity when combined together drastically decreases the boiling point of my blood. So much so that I have to stop everything I'm doing and rant.

I guess I will never understand such people. And as a point in case, when people try to "advice" me that I should work hard towards increasing my readership by "advertising" my blog well, and chide me for being "secretive" and "anti-social", so as to not share the link and put myself out there, especially in social-networking sites, my answer fits very well in this context - I really don't want to attract such parasites. I don't consider myself worthy enough to be "advertised", and besides, I can't be more happier and satisfied with my handful of sensible and genuine readers. To me, that's good enough. Makes sense to value quality rather than quantity, right?

Knowing the kinds of demented people who haunt social networking sites, I would rather take pain-stacking steps to ward off such "spam" readers, than open my thoughts to an abundant stream of foul traffic, in the interest of increasing my page hits. If my attitude is antithetic to the spirit of blogging, then so be it.


sanjini said...

I somehow resonated with the following words in your post
"Because dumbness and insensitivity when combined together drastically decreases the boiling point of my blood"

I guess I feel the same way too!

Neeraja said...

Unfortunately the two attributes make a great match made in heaven... they occur far too often.

priti said...

Hi Neeraja... I've been slowed down in following up with your posts...slowly catching up :)....but as far as this post was concerned...I sort of have the same opinion about blogs...they are very personal...and there is no need to share it and make it known to the whole world and start having people following you left and right...I've had a few blog friends whose blogs I care to read no more .... the reason being the more people start following you, the more you're tempted to write for them as opposed to writing for yourself which was the original intention of a blogspace...And I care a damn about people who really want to copy stuff from other blogs and gain recognition...what is the point in getting recognized for pretending to be someone that you're not...I completely do agree with you....A handful of genuine readers who can relate to you and complement your thought process would make you look at your thoughts with more clarity and from a different angle :) Good one...And I have something to say on the lines of your P-Value post....It was an interesting read...very soon :)

Neeraja said...

Hi Priti! Nice to know that I have kindred soul! :) I have been given the weird look, while some people would call me as the fox who termed the unattainable grapes as sour ;). Blogs are now turning into a popularity contest and just another medium for social interaction. Hopefully I don't fall prey to it in the future ;)

I look fwd to your thoughts on the p-value post :)